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"After thirty years, I know one of the things my clients appreciate from me is an early, objective evaluation of the matter, the risks and benefits involved, and the client’s options to an efficient resolution. Some cases or disputes dictate a vigorous defense through trial or arbitration, and I’m happy to do that- my clients know I love the courtroom.  But, a lawyer who tells his client every case is a winner and that the client should spend tens of thousands of dollars in legal expenses probably isn’t doing his client any favors. We understand that our clients want realistic evaluations of their questions and cases, and options that make business sense.”

-Bo Dawson



There is an old saying that "if the only tool you have is a hammer, pretty soon every problem starts to look a lot like a nail". Some lawyers have so little experience with "real world" businesses that it never occurs to them that a problem can be solved faster and cheaper-and with less damage to business relationships-than the methods discussed in legal textbooks.

In legal disputes, as in business, experience and skill make all the difference. At Ryan & Dawson, we have years of experience representing businesses from Fortune 500 companies to "Mom and Pop" stores. We've handled hundreds of lawsuits of all sizes, and thousands of disputes. Ryan & Dawson’s priority of providing cost-effective service does not diminish our ability to handle sophisticated and complex lawsuits. When the case demands it, litigation support systems, organizational groups, exhibit production capabilities, and investigators are all available to service the client’s needs in the most difficult and complex cases.

Over the years, Ryan & Dawson has successfully defended hundreds of lawsuits involving allegations of professional negligence. The defense of such claims requires not only the abilities of experienced litigators, but also the knowledge of specialized areas of professional practice. Since its inception, the firm has specialized in the defense of cases with allegations of malpractice against members of the medical, construction, engineering, and insurance professions. We have the experience and ability to handle the complex issues unique to these cases.



Even with the best of intentions, some marriages do not last. We have experience in all areas of family law, including: divorce proceedings, preparing premarital/marital property agreements; post-divorce modifications of child support, and custody issues.If it becomes necessary to go to court, we are experienced. From the outset, we work with our clients to develop a cost-effective strategy that will protect their assets and achieve an equitable outcome to their dispute.

We guide clients through the preparation of wills, durable medical powers of attorney and physician directives (“living wills”), powers of attorney, premarital agreements, and representation in probate and guardianship proceedings.

Major companies are resorting more and more to alternative dispute resolution. Ryan & Dawson recognizes that arbitration or mediation is often a better approach for a client than the traditional litigation process, and we have successfully represented numerous clients in dozens of arbitrations, either through American Arbitration Association procedures, or through independent arbitrators selected by the parties.



Ryan & Dawson’s practice includes substantial experience in construction law. This includes preparation, arbitration and litigation of contract claims, and enforcement of mechanics' and materialmen's lien rights, as well as representation of construction clients in construction defect and general liability claims.

We have many years experience representing both home builders and homeowners in disputes involving contract administration, warranty issues, and defects including design, workmanship and/or structural issues.

Ryan & Dawson is experienced in advising and guiding clients through initial start-up, including choice of entity (corporation, partnership, limited liability company), shareholder agreements, employment and consulting agreements, non-competition agreements, partnership and joint venture agreements, drafting of contracts and related agreements, purchase and sale of businesses, compliance with Uniform Commercial Code requirements, debtors' and creditors' rights, and other transactions relating to general corporate and contract matters.



We have experience in, and regularly provide advice regarding and preparation of the following: sale and purchase agreements, deeds, deeds of trust, real estate notes, leases and landlord/tenant matters, including eviction proceedings, mechanic's and materialman's liens, homeowners' associations, and a variety of real estate disputes involving title issues, judicial and non-judicial foreclosures, lien priorities, and earnest money contract and escrow disputes. 

The power of eminent domain affects the fundamental constitutional rights of property owners. It is no wonder that its exercise often leads to hotly contested and high-profile administrative and judicial proceedings. This is especially true after the United States Supreme Court’s 2005 opinion holding that a taking for economic development purposes is an allowed “public use.”


We are experienced in defending the property rights of property owners when the power of eminent domain is exercised against them. The outcomes of such cases often profoundly impact rights most central to the parties’ plans, prospects, and interests. In addition to representing clients in disputes, we are prepared to advise clients concerning their rights in connection with the potential exercise of the power of eminent domain and the appropriate procedures to follow in order to preserve and enforce their rights.

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